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Lens coatings

We offer a variety of protective coatings with our eyeglasses and sunglasses:


the Scratch Resistant coating we use greatly reduces the daily scrapes and scratches that damage your lens over time and affect their clarity. We use a top-grade coating that is among the most resistant in the industry. Although the coating is not 100% scratch-proof, it makes a big difference.

UV protection

UV (Ultraviolet) rays from the sun are harmful to the eye and often are associated with cataracts, retinal damage and many other ailments. The UV coating stands strong in fighting those rays from penetrating your eyes while not affecting the overall appearance of the lens.


as its name implies, this coating eliminates reflections of light from the surface of your lens. This allows people to see your eyes better, and it allows you to see better. You really feel the difference especially when driving at night or long hours in front of a computer.

Blue light protection

protect your eyes from the emissions of digital screens. Blue Light lens coating can be added to any type of prescription or non prescription lenses. It enhances visual comfort and is recommended if you’re spending 5+ hours in front of screens each day and experiencing eye strain, blurry eyes, headaches and sleep problems.

Super hydrophobic

the Super Hydrophobic coating is the most effective way of keeping your lenses clean. It prevents liquid accumulation and smearing on the lens. Instead of clinging to the lens, water molecules cling to other molecules, forming droplets and rolling off the lens without leaving any smudges. It also repels grease and prevents fingerprint stains from appearing on the lens, making it much easier and quicker to clean.

Light-adjusting (adaptive lenses)

we offer two types of light-adjusting (adaptive) lenses.


the most popular adaptive lens in the eyewear industry.


our house, non-branded adaptive lenses, at a more affordable price.
Now that you know all about lens coatings, you are ready to shop for your glasses.
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